Stories — real and imagined — have the power to transform.

Conscious Good is a community-driven media platform dedicated to raising consciousness.

OUR MISSION:  We envision a world where every being feels connected to themselves, to each other and to something greater.

OUR VISION is to be whole food for the soul: offering the highest quality stories and experiences to support a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


We welcome new ideas and new ways of doing things and, in fact, close minded-ness is a non-starter. We recognize that all belief systems are valid. Curiosity is a goal, not a distraction.


We are who we say we are. We want to get to know more about ourselves and others. We don’t have time for superficiality.


Time is precious, and we will sift through the options (so you don’t have to) and highlight the best of the best.


We are committed to nurturing ourselves and our communities in equal measure by giving back 10% of our profits.


Love not fear is our motivating force. We celebrate positive, helpful attitudes and optimistic spirits.

The team

Trina Wyatt, Founder & CEO

For many years, Trina has been a leader in entertainment and in raising consciousness, and now she is leading where they intersect: at the forefront of conscious media. Besides being a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, Trina is proud to have conceived of and launched the Tribeca Film Festival as its Founding Director. Trina has also held leadership positions at GAIA (Head of Content), Prana Studios, Intrepid Pictures and Film Independent and Withoutabox (helping sell it to IMDb). Trina received her MBA from NYU Stern and is an avid yoga practitioner, having completed her 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles.

Zack Lieberman, Head of Product

Zack Lieberman was instrumental in the launch of numerous high-profile projects as a Producer and Senior Producer at MTV; he most recently spent his days leading digital media production for an acclaimed Sony Pictures Television production and won an Emmy Award as part of this great team. Zack won a Webby award for co-creating the pioneering web-series The West Side and was named one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film. He has since started his own production and publishing company which has garnered clients millions of pageviews per month from all over the world. In his “free” time, Zack leads technical development for a cutting-edge interactive publishing platform as part of his next personal project.

Alec Mendez, Creative Director

Alec Mendez is a graphic artist, art & creative director, BDA Winner and OFFF Fest Speaker. His works are focused on the development of youth-oriented creative projects where design and content work as one using his design and journalism backgrounds.  Alec’s work has been published and displayed in more than 100 digital and physical publications around the world, including MTV, HBO, Sony, E! Entertainment, Ford, Alcatel, Heineken, Nike China & Mitú Network.

Tatyanna Wright, Content

Tatyanna is an accomplished TV producer-writer specializing in creating conscious media with meaning. Her shows have aired on network, cable and streaming services (Gaia TV, A&E, Style Channel, Food Network & Fine Living Channel, to name a few). Most recently Tatyanna was Director of Content Production for the transformation channel on Gaia, where she had the privilege of producing some of the biggest names in the transformational space.

Conny Lechner, Head of Content Strategy

Although based in San Francisco, Conny is a true citizen of the world. She has managed productions on literally every continent – from the Swiss Alpes to refugee camps in Sub-Sharan Africa. For Red Bull TV, Conny successfully co-produced the Creators of Tomorrow series in China, Brazil and Chile, and Waves for Water, a feature-length documentary about a surfer who found his true calling: To bring clean drinking water to underserved communities. 6+ years of content production and project management experience at Red Bull Media House in short and long formats, documentaries, episodic, live and non-live refined her hands-on production management, leadership and delegating skills.

For international media organizations Conny regularly reports from Silicon Valley about technology, artificial intelligence, sustainability and the field of consciousness studies.

Conny is a philosophical practitioner with a strong interest in the cultivation of deepening the non-intellectual understanding of consciousness as available in Western esoteric traditions and Eastern spiritual philosophies.

Christopher Wehling, Content Publishing & Website

Christopher is a former photojournalist and has also worked in video and event production.  Currently, he is in charge of all updates to the Conscious Good website.  In his free time, he shoots street photography.

Samantha Schrag, Content Publishing

Samantha graduated UCSB with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media. Samantha is honored to work with the Conscious Good team to help bring the vision to life … all with a business sense, creative mind and sense of humor!

Saulo Cisneros, Content Production

Saulo is a sound designer and audio-visual creator with more than 15 years of experience. He studied cinematography at Universidad de las Californias Internacional from 2008 to 2012. Saulo’s latest work combines video installation and film photography, depicting the contrasts between two cultures at the northwest US-Mexican border region.