Stories — real and imagined — have the power to transform.

Conscious Good is a community-driven media platform dedicated to raising consciousness.

OUR MISSION:  We envision a world where every being feels connected to themselves, to each other and to something greater.

OUR VISION is to be whole food for the soul: offering the highest quality stories and experiences to support a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


We welcome new ideas and new ways of doing things and, in fact, close minded-ness is a non-starter. We recognize that all belief systems are valid. Curiosity is a goal, not a distraction.


We are who we say we are. We want to get to know more about ourselves and others. We don’t have time for superficiality.


Time is precious, and we will sift through the options (so you don’t have to) and highlight the best of the best.


We are committed to nurturing ourselves and our communities in equal measure by giving back 10% of our profits.


Love not fear is our motivating force. We celebrate positive, helpful attitudes and optimistic spirits.