7 Tips for Maintaining a Daily Practice

by Trina Wyatt

7 Tips for Maintaining a Daily Practice

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

Conscious Good was founded with the hope of changing the world. Whether the above quote was taken verbatim or not, Gandhi’s life work was centered on the idea that before we can positively effect the world around us, we need to first work on ourselves.

Practice Makes Perfect(ish)

daily practice is one sure way of growing ourselves. A practice can mean anything from yoga to meditation, surfing, prayer, or even journal writing. It can help us find our center and make more conscious choices every day. After all, changing the world requires a combination of being the change and acting consciously.

Keepin’ It Daily

A practice implies engagement in a ritual. In order to master it, it’s important we work at our practice every single day. In his book “Turning Pro,” Steven Pressfield notes seven common aspects of any practice  that will help make it daily.

  • A practice has a space, and that space is sacred.
  • A practice has a time.  When we convene day upon day in the same space at the same time, a powerful energy builds around us.
  • Focus on an intention.  What do you hope to achieve or experience?
  • Practice in humility.  We must bring intention and intensity to our practice.
  • Be forever the student. Practice to learn.
  • Know that a Practice is life-long. It’s daily exercise for your spirit.
  • Approach your practice as a warrior. Be prepared for confrontation. Know that the most formidable enemy is inside oneself and do not fear it.
Trina is Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, dedicated to media for a healthier, happier life. She was the Founding Director of Tribeca Film Festival, COO of Tribeca Entertainment for five years prior, Head of Content for GAIAMTV’s (Gaia). Trina is also an avid meditator and completed her 200 hour kundalini yoga teacher training (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).

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