Are You Down for the Body Revolution?

by Jessica Durivage

Are You Down for the Body Revolution?

“The human body is the best picture of the human soul.”

— Ludwig Wittgenstein

The Body Revolution by Conscious Contributor Jessica Durivage

It’s happening, can you feel it?

The buzz, the excitement…

The take nothing-less-than-we-deserve

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

It’s here and it’s here to stay.

It’s not going anywhere.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

From #metoo to #timesup

From Hollywood to Washington

From the silenced voices to our loudest screams.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

We are not asking anymore

For the respect our sacred and holy temples

Have always deserved.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

It’s not a hum

Or a whisper


It’s a drumming roar,

An anthem cry.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

Make room,

Make way

Because we are not going anywhere,

We are here to stay.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

My name is Jessica Durivage and I am honored to be the Conscious Good Contributor for the Body. I’ve been both a student and teacher of yoga for 20 years. Like many of us, I have both felt tremendously lost in my body and also absolutely at home. I am fearless when it comes to exploring new and different embodiment practices, my sexuality, somatic experiences and new and different ways to treat my body with gratitude and kindness. And I also can get caught up in my own inhibitions. The body is a deep well with so much yet to be explored… letting go into the mystery of our bodies is as exciting as it is daunting!

We cannot deny, as my words above reflect, that our culture is standing at a threshold where we are ready to reclaim what has been lost and missing from our relationship to our bodies and that is that our bodies have a voice, our bodies have a story to tell, our bodies are worthy of respect, and we will not allow ourselves to be silenced any longer.

This is an exciting time to explore what BODY means to us as a culture- from Orgasmic Meditation (OM) to the Re-Feminization of Yoga to hundreds of women from around the world finding their voices to tell their stories and end the cycle of shame and violence.

It’s my hope that you will join me on this journey where we together we will continue to rise with this swelling tide, and maybe, just maybe re-connect more deeply with our own bodies along the way.

Welcome to the Body Revolution.

Are you as passionate about the #BodyRevolution as we are?

Fuel your fire with body-focused videos like “Dancing in the Crossfire,” which examines one of Rio de Janeiro’s infamous favelas, poverty-ridden areas known for their high-crime rates and violent drug overlords. Within in it 22 year-old dancer and resident of the favela Tuany Nascimento, teaches ballet.

In  “Body Scan for Sleep,” Diana Winston, the Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Semel Institute’s Mindful Awareness Research Center and the co-author of Fully Present, the Science, Art and Practice of Mindfulness, teaches mindful awareness practices to promote health and well-being. If you struggle with sleep, your body will appreciate this video.

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