Binge On This

by Trina Wyatt

Binge On This

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

— Helen Keller

I think we can all agree that the state of the world is a little ‘meh’ right now. Tensions are high in the political realm and it seems like there’s always so much negativity flooding our social media threads. *Womp womp*

But as much as we tell ourselves that we’re going to cut back on the negative news stories on Facebook, it seems like we can’t help but get pulled back into media binge sessions. Instead of completely saying goodbye to media, we can do our best to focus on uplifting content.

So here are five mindful anecdotes to current news that you can feel good about bingeing.

1. Intuitive counselor Tony LeRoy has joined us for episode 10 of the ‘In Conscious Company’ podcast. He discusses how to recognize when we get in our own way and provides tips to use our thoughts to create a happier reality. TY, Tony.

2. This dad “Om”-ing his baby to sleep.

3. Been hearing a lot about meditation but not sure what it’s about? In this episode of the Untangled podcast, Elisha Goldstein answers the most frequently asked questions about meditation. He’s a psychologist, author, Co-founder of the Center for Mindful Living and flagship instructor on the Meditation Studio app – so he knows his ish.

4. A wedding proposal that involves an upside down acro yoga pose.

5. We’ve partnered with author Ora Nadrich to bring you awareness-raising conversations every month. This month, her guest is actor and activist Andrew Keegan and the discussion centers on raising consciousness and implementing change. Positive vibes only.

Happy bingeing!

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