by Evy Bjorn


“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (Turn and face the strange) Ch-ch-changes”

— David Bowie

The Inevitability of Change by Conscious Contributor Evy Bjorn

Lately, I have been on a musical wavelength bringing back to my adolescence. Diving into the David Bowie library that was the preferred soundtrack of my formative years. I would get home from school, lock myself in my room and proceed to memorize the catalog and lyrics of “Hunky Dory,” “Station to Station,” “Diamond Dogs,” and of course “The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.” This was my happy place; disappearing into my imagination with the genius of Bowie. David Bowie was a chameleon; always three steps ahead of the times and ahead of himself. The Thin White Duke seemed to operate in another dimension and his lateral scope of transition has always inspired me to be ready and shift at the scope of what life and our journey in it can bring.

In life, we both crave and coil at the idea of change. We all want a better life, but when opportunities present themselves, many of us are unsure of what to do. We get comfortable. We get compliant. We get used to what we know. We start believing that what we believe is the truth, sometimes, the only and absolute truth. These truths are often solidified by those around us, because we tend to drift to people who see life through similar lenses. Many of us go through life with core beliefs that are often unshaken without the presence of an unpredictable challenge, circumstance or event. This ethos remains acceptable for some time, but often, life will come at it with a hammer to try and chip away at it. The truth is that we must accept that change is inevitable and is necessary to our growth as human beings.

Over the past two years, I have worked with many indigenous leaders throughout the world, from Oceania, to the Lakota, the Algonquin and Dogon, to name a few. As the founder of the Tribal Worlds Initiative, I strive to bring light to these tribes and help raise awareness to protect and spread their wisdom. The work requires being fully present in the reality of consistent change and realignment. While studying the old world, the modern world continues to change and evolve at an unstoppable pace. Technology that we used three months ago can easily seem outdated today. We believe we are moving forward, but on so many measures, we move backward. As humans, there has never been a more pressing time to learn from our elders and those who continue to preserve their ancient ways. The West cannot succeed without the East, and the future will not prevail without retaining the quiet but resounding lessons of the past.

Working with these elders has been such a gift and the mission of Tribal Worlds has been such a totem for my journey. The early stages of this process moved fluidly. Everyone involved felt completely aligned with the work we were doing. Any stress we felt was dwarfed by the palpable excitement in the office. Momentum was on our side and it all felt serendipitous. The evidence was clear: our organization was moving forward and I was doing exactly what I was meant to.

But unfettered roads don’t stretch on indefinitely.

Naturally, starting any endeavor or business is wrought with challenges and stress. Partners disagree, investors demand answers and sometimes the WiFi doesn’t even connect! The default can so easily be distress, and many times, it is. Distress can lead to doubt, and that’s where we lose. A challenging time is not always a sign to reconsider your path or goals, in fact, it’s sometimes a simple test. A test to our endurance, a test to our commitment, a test in our beliefs. There are many that take a roadblock as a sign that they are in the wrong lane, but I am learning that it is anything but. Roadblocks can be signs to slow down and listen to yourself, consult with those more experienced and find a way to utilize them. It’s an opportunity to shift gears and listen to the curves in the road.

Oceania Elder Ivy Smith always reminds me of the healing power of water. She talks about combining the medicine within and giving back to the elements that give us life. Simply by clearing my intention and washing my hair, I can release any unwanted track, thoughts and feelings and let go of what no longer serves me in that circumstance or way of thinking.  This may sound incredibly simple and it is, but the actual letting go of old thoughts and patterns, that requires to reach a higher vibration.

These are lessons I’ve learned firsthand in just the past two months. In creating a business model, something undeniably new world and age, to preserve the tribes and their timeless traditions and customs, philosophies cross and my inner world is challenged. To move forward, not because it’s part of my job, but because it’s part of my purpose. The elders I speak with, now on a daily basis, embed wisdom that can only be earned through life experience, and is often realized in the most silent moments of their existence. Learning who you are means that you must learn the lessons life is trying to teach you, and looking for opportunities even in times of stress. Starting this organization, I learn each day, is no easy feat, and commands more patience and resilience than I could have imagined. With that, I listen to the elders who are always generous with their knowledge, compassionate in their advice and clear in their ambitions. To create the changes we want to see in our worlds and in our lives, we must listen with open hearts and minds.

“The truth of course is that there is no journey.
We are arriving and departing all at the same time.”

— The Thin White Duke

What Are Your Thoughts On Change?

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Evy is the co-founder of Tribal Worlds. Her love of indigenous cultures was sparked while traveling the world as a child with her Norwegian mother. She attended conservatory at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The William Esper Studio in NYC. While at school, she began modeling and also enhancing her knowledge behind the camera; working as a Director’s Assistant, Producer’s Assistant, Wardrobe Supervisor, Stunt Performer, Line Producer and Locations Manager; always enhancing her production skills. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she shifted her focus to documentary, reality/doc field producing, specifically working for Falling Whistles, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Buzzfeed Pictures; and internationally working for DR2 in Denmark, National Geographic International in Italy and the US. In 2015 and 2016, she worked as a Development Executive, in the non-scripted division, for Televisa International, based in Madrid, Spain. She recently returned to Los Angeles and was on the producing team for a new series on LMN. An avid enthusiast for film, culture, travel and world affairs, she has a hands on approach to work and life, that always keep her yearning for more. Tribal Worlds is the creative culmination of bringing a sense of global unity, awareness and empowerment into a tangible action project.

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