Conscious Good Gives Back

by Conscious Good

Conscious Good Gives Back

[ish_headline alignment=”center”]“Generosity is the flower of justice.”[/vc_column_text]

American novelist Nathaniel Hawthorne uttered these words of wisdom and we here at Conscious Good embrace them wholeheartedly.

What does it mean to be generous? Why is it one of our core values and at the center of our business strategy? What is justice after all? And what does this all have to do with consciousness anyway?

Well, what it means to us to create a world that is “just,” is to create a world that is concerned with peace, happiness and genuine respect for all. It is in that context that we can find harmony inside (yourself) and out (your family, your community, your country, etc.) and have the ability to live consciously.

We’re no Nathaniel Hawthorne, but we believe that true generosity fuels all of this awesomeness by reinforcing our infinite interconnectedness.

For a business like ours, we believe that our success is simply one tiny part of a huge equation for a happy planet. When you watch or listen to stuff that makes you feel good, you help put a spotlight on people doing amazing work in the world, and we will share what you enable us to earn.

“For a business like ours, we believe that our success is simply one tiny part of a huge equation for a happy planet.”

Now, with all that big thinking out of the way, let’s get into the brass tacks of it all. So how does this “10% to charity” we’ve committed actually work?

Well, we want you to be as much a part of that decision as possible. So, here’s the plan…

We feature three “Conscious Causes” each month that you, as well as our partners and team help select. Our intent is to include Conscious Good mission-aligned organizations from each of three categories: those serving global and/or national (U.S.) populations; those based in or serving the community in Boulder, Colorado (after all this is our hometown!); or those that are directly connected to our content providers.

We recognize that “profits” are something to come over time (this is a beta, after all!). So, we can’t promise that we’re going to have big fat checks to give to these amazing organizations tomorrow.

However, what we can commit to right away is to help spread the word about who they are and what they do and provide you easy ways to connect with them. There are so many amazing organizations out there doing incredible things to increase global health, happiness and wellbeing. We want to see real impact and to share those results with you, so we’ll always report back what we learn here.

So, please take some time to check out our “Conscious Causes” each month on the homepage of Conscious Good. Watch a video, read about their work, support them with time or money or just appreciate that we each play an important role in making this world an amazing one.

And, it all starts with the choosing: generosity. Abundance, not scarcity, is our mantra.


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