Exploring the Arte Series

by Trina Wyatt

Exploring the Arte Series

“Each one of these stories of Bernard Fontanille, opens up a world which remains pure in it’s traditions and it’s healing. An incredible journey… for me too.”

— Myturn

What led an emergency doctor to travel around the world meeting and documenting traditional healers and their practices?

Meet Dr. Bernard Fontanille in our exclusive series, as he presents diverse and fascinating cultures and cures from Madagascar, to Mongolia, to India, to Japan and more.

Explore traditional healing around the world with Dr. Bernard Fontanille

In Mongolia, massages Baria Zasal, basic therapeutic arsenal, improve the circulation of fluids, energy and blood volume.

In South Africa, a secret market named Faraday binds African traditional medicine to witchcraft. Today, it continues to treat 80% of South Africans.

Bernard travels to Okinawa, a Japanese island that cultivates the art of ageing, via social bonds, physical activity and personal fulfillment.

In India, the varma kalai siddhars have the reputation of being able to prolong life or end it, as they please.

Explore more of the Arte series with Dr. Fontanille:

In Colombia, Fontanille meets a shaman to learn more about the sacred Ayahuasca plant.
In Myanmar, explore ancient doctrines incorporating occult beliefs into Burmese culture.
In Mexico, meet a Mayan doctor from the Yucatan Peninsular who is both a healer and a priest.
In Russia, meet a modern Russian shaman to learn about traditional healing techniques.

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