Conscious Media Monthly February

by Conscious Good

Conscious Media Monthly February



Dear Friend,

I hope your 2020 is off to a wonderful start!

Like me, perhaps you started out the year with loads of optimism and positive affirmations.  Then, like me, perhaps you bumped up against a road block that challenged your positive outlook.  As a teacher once told me, “it’s not that life won’t have challenges. Our growth lies in our response.  It’s about our recovery.”  Do you let challenges keep you in a funk?  Or have you been able to grow, change and roll with the punches that real life throws your way? And what does this have to do with Media?

I’ve been asked, “What is the difference between ‘positive media’ and ‘conscious media’?” Positive psychologists agree that one must live a happy, engaged, and meaningful life in order to experience “the good life”. Hence, in its simplest definition, positive media promotes happiness.

Conscious media, on the other hand, includes transformation, the power to change hearts and minds. It is not always positive or devoid of pain and suffering. In fact, transformational stories require a depth of feeling, of struggle and recovery. Films that raise consciousness may include experiencing the transformation of the main character, or it could be that the story and circumstances of the film take us, the audience as observer, on a transformational experience. This month’s film is in the latter category. None of the individuals in the film have a transformational journey. But it’s the main character’s strength of character, her recovery in the face of challenges, that transforms us, the audience.

Do you have your own definition of positive media and conscious media? Please share it with me and our Creators Network community,

I look forward to hearing from you!

In gratitude,

Honeyland Film Review
by Lorraine Hess

Are you ready to embark on a real-life mythical journey that reveals vital messages of wisdom?

If so, take time to watch Honeyland, nominated for Best Documentary Feature and Best International Film in the 2020 Academy Awards.

The film, by Macedonian filmmakers Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, begins with giddying shots of a precarious high mountain ledge as a middle aged woman tends a beehive hidden in the rocks. Set to a haunting score and audio soundtrack by Macedonian group, Foltin, the astonishing cinematography catapults us into an unfamiliar universe –the rare and mysterious world of a remote Macedonian village and the life of the colorful, resourceful, wise and expressive main character, Hatidze Muratova, who follows ancient beekeeping traditions.

At first, we are lulled into Hatidze’s domain. Alone in the village, she tends her bees, quietly singing and talking to them, like old friends. Similarly, she cares for her only human companion, her elderly and sick mother, with patience and love. Hatidze’s wisdom comes from experience and mutual respect for the bees– she never takes all the honey – always leaving half for the bees. As a result, she always has enough to sell and for herself and never gets stung…..Keep Reading

Yoga Photographer and Artist Robert Sturman discusses his journey as a yogi and photographer with Host Tracee Stanley.

Listen on Conscious Good.

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We are proud to offer a new course by Tom Schlesinger
beginning February 25th, 2020. 4 sessions – Via ZoomTransformational Stories are meaningful films, TV series and novels that entertain and inspire your audience to act compassionately.  The social impact of these stories may relate an outer change in society (The Hunting Ground) or to an inner, emotional change for your audience as in “triumph of the spirit” stories (Little Miss Sunshine).The purpose of Tom’s four-session Story-Building course is to provide you with the transformational story building tools you need so you can freely write and co-create from your intuition and imagination.

Tom Schlesinger was the story consultant on the HBO documentaries “Prom Night in Mississippi” with Morgan Freeman and “A Small Act.”  Schlesinger trains storytellers & story mentors through online webinars, live events, team mentoring, keynotes and one-on-one support.  He also studied with Joseph Campbell and Jean Houston.