“Hump Day”

by Ann Boyd

“Hump Day”


Wednesday, “Hump Day,” as we knew it in college called for indulging in a drink, a whole TV show (!), a bitch session, or something to ease the intensity of a week of seemingly endless classes, papers and reading.

Ironically, I now think, reading a book sounds pretty dreamy. As I type, I fret that I’m neglecting my son and daughter in the other room (home from school and “bored”), the workout that I did not do today, and not to mention the endless “To Do” list of work project deliverables, calls, emails, and the like.

It’s always hard to imagine what the next phase of life might bring you, but – like the saying goes (you know the one, “grass is always greener”), it always seems to hold true that we think the next phase will be better than the last.

When I have a job and make money, I’ll buy what I want and be happy. When I have kids to raise, I’ll be happy. When I finish this project, I’ll be so relieved and happy.

Maybe it’s middle age (I am well into my full blown mid-life crisis at the moment), but I feel a new compulsion to embrace the “hump.” I don’t want to waste time thinking that it’s ever going to get easier, better, less hectic, or whatever.

There are clearly people who embrace this “time is now” idea and change their lives dramatically. I happen to love the story of “Slomo” a guy who rollerblades the Venice Beach boardwalk every day (yes, every day) following a life changing moment.

I have to admit that I don’t see myself going for a full on reinvention. But the courage with which one man embraced his passion and created the life he absolutely wanted to live is remarkable and inspiring.

I know this idea of embracing the hump is ambitious and probably a bit unrealistic. We are wired for aspiration; we are wired for endurance. We are not wired for satisfaction… unless… we believe it and work at it!

If we believe that this is the best moment in our lives, it will be. Right? Who else is to say it’s not?!

There’s always challenge. There’s always drama. But we don’t have to own it.

Love your hump.

I’m going to try!

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