I Watch What I Watch

by Trina Wyatt

I Watch What I Watch

“I Watch What I Watch.”

— Conscious Good

Thousands of years ago Buddha said “What you think you become.” Now, scientists the globe over have confirmed the Buddha’s declaration. Your thoughts – and observing your thoughts – can change the grey matter of your brain.

Now, think for a minute about what you watch or listen to. Wouldn’t it follow that the media you consume holds the same power? In fact, researchers have drawn that link. From a recent article in Psychology Today, “It turns out that what you watch, read, listen to and play can affect your mood, temper, and even how generous and kind you are to others afterwards!”

What we watch, read or listen to can help elevate us, to keep us connected to each other and to our highest selves. On the other hand, sensationalistic media can debase others and ourselves, build barriers and stifle our vision and growth. Thus, we should start treating our minds with the same sensitivity we show our bodies. It’s time we become more conscious of the media we allow into our lives.

Does Your Energy Feel Different When You Consume Positive Content?

Tell us about your experience with it when you sign up for the Creators’ Network! It’s a place where you can learn from and bounce your ideas off of other talented individuals. Our goal with the Creators’ Network is to bring mindful creators together and fuel the Conscious Media Movement. We want to encourage a whole new breed of filmmakers, marketers, producers, programmers and artists, to put conscious raising at the core of their storytelling.

Trina is Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, dedicated to media for a healthier, happier life. She was the Founding Director of Tribeca Film Festival, COO of Tribeca Entertainment for five years prior, Head of Content for GAIAMTV’s (Gaia). Trina is also an avid meditator and completed her 200 hour kundalini yoga teacher training (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).

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