Interview: Mindscape Film Festival Filmmaker Jody Oberfelder

by Conscious Good

Interview: Mindscape Film Festival Filmmaker Jody Oberfelder

Featured interview with Laura Snow, one of the the eight feature films being screened from our Mindscape Film Festival.

Conscious Good: What inspired you to make Dance of the Neutrons?

Jody Oberfelder: I was working on a live performance “The Brain Piece” and while investigating what makes our minds human, I decided the biology of our brains would make for an excellent abstraction. I consulted with many neuroscientists in discussion.  Dr. Gary Marcus, author, directed me his colleague Ed Lein, from the Allen Institute of Brain Science who drew little diagrams of how our neurons form and connect with others. The visuals were tantalizing. 

CG: Your film was selected to be a part of the Festival not only because it was beautifully crafted and met the Mindscape criteria but also because it is a wonderful example #ConsciousMedia – What does Conscious Media mean to you? Why do you feel your film is #ConsciousMedia?

JO:  Conscious Media offers a chance to manifest in the world ideas for contemplation and interaction, it is a platform for processing  and being with vital ideas for mind and body connections. Our brains and bodies are our sensory vehicles that beautifully enter and interact with the world.  Dance of the Neurons creates a visual world of neurons dancing with each other, and zooms in on layered possibilities of connections. 

CG: What message were you hoping to convey to the audience with your film?

JO: That we are all part of one giant brain, and that our interior worlds are swarming with possibilities.

CG: Are you in the process of making another film? If so, can you share it with us?

JO: My next film will be addressing macro and micro relationships. Kind of like Eames “The Power of Ten” with more personal connections, how sometimes we feel like a speck in the universe, and sometimes huge, like a giant, with smaller internal worlds within.   Stay tuned for both live and filmed works, please visit my website for more information!


Photo Credit: Heather Sten 

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