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Introducing Our Conscious Contributors!

by Conscious Good

Introducing Our Conscious Contributors!

“I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed.”

— Steve Lacy

Collaboration is Love

Here at Conscious Good we strongly agree with saxophonist Steve Lacy when it comes to his thoughts about collaboration. We know that the best work is born when people use each other’s ideas to lift and enhance their own. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of the most conscious-minded thinkers and creatives to bring you the highest quality conscious content possible. We’ve asked several members of our tribe to regularly contribute to one of our five content pillars:  MIND-BODY-SPIRIT-EARTH-HUMANITY.

Dr. Jay Kumar – MIND

Dr. Jay Kumar is a professor of Happiness Studies, renowned public speaker, and thought leader. His expertise spans brain science and behavioral health; economics, politics, and culture; religion and science. He also holds a Master’s degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in international political economy.  Dr. Jay recently founded the Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI) — an international organization that explores the dynamic intersection of science, spirituality, and society in order to advance solutions for issues facing our contemporary and complex world. He is the author of the forthcoming book The Currency of Happiness and the creator of the revolutionary “Pro-Social Behavioral Resilience” technique — a proven model successfully employed by professionals and individuals within a variety of fields.

Jessica Durivage – BODY

Jessica is the creator of Where is My Guru – an award winning podcast and online school for personal development and spiritual transformation which has been a bridge builder for the health and wellness communities and conscious media for over 15 years. Where is My Guru has presented at SXSW, Hanuman Festival, and created the groundbreaking Sex, God & Yoga online conference for women. She has worked to launch and usher mindful brands into the media space such as ZENTS, ila spa and True Nature Education.  Jessica also served as the Festival Director for Conscious Good’s Mindscape Film Festival and has taught yoga for more than a decade.

Trina Wyatt – SPIRIT

Besides Founding Conscious Good and working in media and entertainment for over 20 years, Trina has spent her most of her life on a spiritual path. Spirit, in the context of one of Conscious Good’s content pillars, relates to the energy force within us, all living creatures as well as the energy force that pervades the universe, a universal spirit.  At the age of 13, after being born into a devout Mormon family, Trina left the church to pursue her own spiritual truth.  For the next thirty years, Trina explored agnosticism, atheism, meditation, yoga, and Buddhism to create her own unique spiritual practice, currently grounded in Kundalini yoga. According to Kundalini yogic philosophy, GOD represents the Generating Principle, the Organizing Principle and the Destroying principle.  Trina (and Conscious Good) believe that everyone’s belief in a higher power (including no belief in a higher power) is worthy of respect and understanding.  One of her guiding mantras is “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”  Trina is also a huge animal lover, volunteering weekly at the Ventura Humane Society,  which is why you may find some cute animal videos on Conscious Good.   Animals, whether in videos or in person, offer spiritual healing and emote unconditional love.

Paul Rendé – EARTH

Paul has been enthralled by storytelling since a young age. After completing his university studies in English literature and writing, he made New York City his home and embarked on a career as a creative writer and actor, having honed his dramatic skills at William Esper Studio. His wanderlust and passion for adventure recently led him on a two-year journey throughout Central and South America and North Africa. Living among diverse landscapes, cultural traditions and indigenous tribes provided a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help promote education and open discussion about the challenges and solutions to our planet’s sustainability.  Paul is committed to drawing upon his life experiences and the narratives of writing, film and video to help foster a more harmonious relationship between humans and the natural and spiritual worlds through conscious living.

Evy Bjorn – HUMANITY

Evy is the co-founder of Tribal Worlds. Her love of indigenous cultures was sparked while traveling the world as a child with her Norwegian mother. She attended conservatory at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The William Esper Studio in NYC. While at school, she began modeling and also enhancing her knowledge behind the camera; working as a Director’s Assistant, Producer’s Assistant, Wardrobe Supervisor, Stunt Performer, Line Producer and Locations Manager; always enhancing her production skills. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she shifted her focus to documentary, reality/doc field producing, specifically working for Falling Whistles, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Buzzfeed Pictures; and internationally working for DR2 in Denmark, National Geographic International in Italy and the US. In 2015 and  2016, she worked as a Development Executive, in the non-scripted division, for Televisa International, based in Madrid, Spain. She recently returned to Los Angeles and was on the producing team for a new series on LMN. An avid enthusiast for film, culture, travel and world affairs, she has a hands on approach to work and life, that always keep her yearning for more. Tribal Worlds is the creative culmination of bringing a sense of global unity, awareness and empowerment into a tangible action project.

Speaking of Conscious Collaboration …

Join the Creators’ Network! It’s a place where you can learn from others and bounce your ideas for change off of them. Our goal with the Creators’ Network is to bring Conscious Creators together and fuel the Conscious Media Movement. We want to encourage a whole new breed of filmmakers, marketers, producers, programmers and artists, to put conscious raising at the core of their storytelling.

Creating original film and video programs is challenging. Finding the right people to collaborate with is difficult.  Knowing who is committed to consciousness and collaborating on projects is HARDER than it needs to be. We’re changing the tide by working with Mighty Networks, a new platform that’s unlocking a much broader breed of community building.

We passionately believe transforming the world starts with the individual.  And transforming individuals starts with impactful and inspirational stories (and a daily practice, but that’s the subject of a different story/community). Our goal is to empower a revolution in consciousness, fueled by impactful stories.

P.S. If you have a feature film or would like to recommend a feature film to showcase in Conscious Good’s Movie of the Month program, please email us at [email protected]

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