Is Your Calendar Marked With This Deadline?

by Trina Wyatt

Is Your Calendar Marked With This Deadline?

“Our bodies are our gardens—our wills are our gardeners.”

— Shakespeare

What’s all of this about bodies and gardens?

Think back to a time when things weren’t going so well for you. Maybe you were in between jobs, or your relationship with your significant other was in a rocky phase, or maybe it was just a case of every little thing seeming to go wrong at the same time. Now think about your habits while you were in this rut. Were you eating poorly? Exercising irregularly? My guess to both of those questions is yes.

Mental health and physical health often have more of an impact on each other than people realize. When one of those things isn’t doing so hot, the other tends to suffer too. Here are X ways mental health and physical health are related.

1. Self-confidence

When you’re exercising regularly, you probably notice there’s often a bit more pep in your step. That’s because regular physical activity has been known to boost self-confidence!

2. Endorphins

In the same ballpark as self-confidence is another feel-good benefit of exercise: endorphin increase. When we do something physically active, endorphins (happy chemicals) are released in our brains. So if we’re working out, we’re more likely to feel happier.

3. Healthy eating

Our friends at NAMI say that eating healthy is just as important to mental health as it is to physical health – and they’re not wrong. Eating the right nutrients affects our mood and overall wellbeing – so next time you’re debating whether or not to junk food binge, consider your future mental state.

4. Anxiety

Research has shown that when we have a daily physical practice, such as yoga, our anxiety and stress levels lower significantly. An hour of work every day seems like a small price to pay for a calm mind.

Basically, when you’re in a down period, be sure you’re doing everything possible to keep your physical health up. Science has proven that your mind has a better chance of healing if you’re physically on the up.

What else about about mental health?

Luckily, the stigma around mental health is becoming less of a thing and Conscious Good is doing its part to keep that mental health momentum going. Our Mindscape Film Festival is all about the human mind: consciousness, perception, thinking, memory, and that which is yet to be discovered.

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