The Collateral Beauty of This Global Pandemic

by Conscious Good

The Collateral Beauty of This Global Pandemic


– JUNE 2020 ISSUE –

Dear Friend,

What times we are living in!  Constant challenge and change seems to be the new norm.  Collectively we have weathered the fears of COVID-19, grieved the loss of loved ones and our pre-Contagion lives, raged against injustice and through it all, have, hopefully, held tight to a hope for humanity.

Since writing the last Conscious Media Monthly newsletter, I said good-bye to both of my parents.  In my grief I was reminded of the film, “Collateral Beauty”, thinking where could there be beauty in losing a loved one? As I reflected on the film I recalled that sometimes the beauty doesn’t immediately surface, shining a bright light.

With events of this past week, I was also (painfully) reminded of the Rodney King verdict and ensuing riots.  That was over 25 years ago.  It seems unfathomable that we would need to raise our voices and our fists to demand racial equality today in 2020.  And yet, perhaps with the trauma and inertia experienced by a COVID quarantine, we – many of us – finally said ENOUGH.  We are not going to let another day go by, yet alone another year, without systemic reform.

Perhaps that’s the collateral beauty of our pandemic:  meaningful lasting change in eradicating a seemingly unrelated societal disease.

Then again, perhaps we are coming to understand that we are all interconnected. Finally

I have hope.  I hope you have hope, too.

With love and gratitude,


p.s.  On a lighter note, when taking your next walk or long drive, give a listen to one of our conscious podcast recommendations, including our own podcast, In Conscious Company.

Eight Powerful Lesser-Known Podcasts To Stimulate Your Mind & Elevate Your Consciousness

Regardless of your perspective on the current global situation, one thing is undeniable, that a good portion of us have, and continue to find ourselves, with more free time than we are typically used to. While we may be filling a portion of this newfound freedom with “productive” activities, a recent Visual Capitalist study revealed what is likely not very surprising: that we are all consuming more content.

Whether it be through online videos, broadcast TV, video games, livestreams, or binge watching a new show on our favorite streaming platform we are all taking in even more than we previously were, with certain age groups being drawn to particular forms of content more than others.

As the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, former Head of Content for GAIAMTV (Gaia), and now Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, I’ve always been a firm believer that what you watch, read and listen to, matters. Having already released a list of 10 conscious films and 10 binge-worthy TV series you need to watch, I wanted to now offer (with the help of my colleagues at Conscious Good) a list 8 lesser-known podcasts to stimulate your mind and elevate your consciousness during these challenging times. Here they are in no particular order:

1) Ritual

As the name suggests the Ritual podcast is a unique exploration of the many patterns we as a humanity have developed over the course of history. Season one of the very interesting and thought-provoking show focuses on the quest for immortality and how we all cope with understanding death. LEARN MORE & LISTEN NOW!

2) The Exploding Human With Bob Nickman

Hosted by long-time comedian, actor and writer Bob Nickman, whose writing credits include Freaks and Geeks and Mad About You, The Exploding Human podcast interviews a variety of people in the field of healing mind, body and spirit. Bob thrives at making the content easily digestible and the range of topics that he and his guests cover is beyond fascinating. One of his more recent guests includes Conscious Good’s very own Sue O’Callahan. LEARN MORE & LISTEN NOW!