Thank you for being part of our conscious community

by Conscious Good

Thank you for being part of our conscious community


– MARCH 2020 ISSUE –

Dear Friend,

Recent news has been dominated by the coronavirus, elections, and the downturn in the stock market.   Our tendency as human beings is to focus on the “what ifs” and the accompanying fear.  “What-ifs” are helpful so that we take prudent precautionary measures.  But as the “what-if” scenarios play out in your mind, please hold love – for the victims of the virus and the health care workers fighting its spread – in your heart.    And as the doctors and scientists work on a coronavirus vaccine, please make certain that your thoughts of HOPE out-weigh your thoughts of FEAR.

Below is a list of conscious TV series that seems propitiously timed, as some around the globe find themselves isolated, and needing messages of faith and hope.  Conscious Good will continue our work as the antidote to fear and isolation, providing stories of transformation, and with our Creators Network, providing an opportunity for greater connection.

Thank you for being a part of our conscious community.


With love and gratitude,


10 Binge-Worthy TV Series With Conscious Themes – If You’re Looking For A New Show To Watch

by Trina Wyatt & Team

As the Founding Director of the Tribeca Film Festival, former Head of Content for GAIAMTV (Gaia), and now Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, I’ve always been on the pulse of consciousness elevating entertainment.

Within each of these positions there has been one constant: the privilege of getting to watch thousands of hours of the best conscious content the world has to offer annually. In hopes of saving you the time of having to put in those same hours, in December of 2019 I put together a list of 10 of the best conscious films from 2019 that I personally believe you need to watch in 2020.

I’d now like to present 10 of the best TV Series with conscious themes, a list my colleagues and I crafted.  We believe you should make the time to watch these series over the course of this year.

While some of these titles may seem surprising, we encourage you to both read in full detail the conscious themes we found and, in some cases, to push through the initial episodes to get to what we truly believe to be binge-worthy.

Little America


Little America is a beautiful collection of true stories of immigrants coming to the United States from all different parts of the globe and walks of life. In each episode, the main character overcomes a challenging situation – most often a lack of belief in themselves – in order to realize their own version of the American dream.

The show has an innate ability to make me laugh and cry in under thirty minutes, all while providing a realization of what I’ve personally taken for granted as being born Caucasian in the United States – the privilege of never knowing life without freedom or liberty or a belief that I can make my dreams come true.


Contributed by Mark Allan Kaplan                                                          WHERE TO WATCH IT: NETFLIX

Freshly released on January 1st, 2020 the new Netflix original series Messiah is an integral informed exploration of the messiah archetype. Starring Mehdi Dehbi (Tyrant, London Has Fallen) and Michelle Monaghan (The Path, True Detective) the entire first season of the show is filled with clear and profound examples of how to capture deep shifts in our consciousness as well as our paradigms of self, other and the world.

While the series is still likely in its infancy, it is a complex and layered work that unpacks the interrelationship of religion, consciousness, culture and society. It is also deeply reflective of what is seemingly happening in the world right now by elegantly journeying into and through multiple dimensions of the culture war and civilization-wide paradigm shift we’re facing.

Opening in Theaters April 17th, 2020

‘Body Scan for Sleep’ by Diana Winston (Director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA Semel Institute’s Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) and the co-author of ‘Fully Present.’
Listen on Conscious Good.

Recently I was honored to assume the role of Artistic Director for the 8th annual Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, working alongside Festival Director, Corinne Bourdeau.  I have long-shared Esalen’s desire to transform humankind through the integration of mind, body, spirit, heart, and community.  Now with the Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, I am thrilled to share how visual stories can powerfully support that integration.

Besides viewing some of the best in conscious cinema, festival attendees enjoy unique film-integrated experiences while forming an intimate community that fosters creative collaboration and life-long connection.

Please join me, Corinne and other leaders in conscious film on the cliffs of Big Sur for the Festival, May 3rd – 8th.

Motorcycles, Indian Himalayas, Adventure, Sacred Sites, Wisdom, Freedom! Real People on a True pilgrimage. This is THE ROAD TO DHARMA DocuSeries and Online Course for Living a Life of Freedom, from the producer of HEAL, Adam Schomer.

I’m so pleased to share this with you and even happier to give you the FIRST THREE EPISODES FOR FREE!

See below, I think you’ll love it!


DocuSeries & Online Course
Living a Life of Freedom

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