Narrative Alchemy

by Conscious Good

Narrative Alchemy

Narrative Alchemy

By Conscious Contributor Genevieve Boast

Our human world is made of stories.

They flow through the veins of our societies like blood; unseen and yet vital to the course of our lives. They are our primary way of making sense of our experiences and the direction we are headed, personally and collectively.

As storytellers we are ‘alchemists’. We have the ability to transform our human perception of reality through the stories we choose to absorb, make and tell. When we consciously choose to watch and interact with stories that positively impact life, we become a ripple effect for a new narrative of interconnected, responsible humanity. How we each go about this process of choice is uniquely personal.

There is an ancient alchemical axiom that reads “As within, so without”. Our inner story lens is the frame through which we see, design and create the external content of our life experiences. As conscious humans, we have a deep responsibility to ensure that our inner lens is as wide and clean as possible.

But how aware are we really?  How often do you consider –

  • the bias of privilege from which you live, speak and create
  • the hidden voices in a story or situation that are being ignored
  • the assumptions you make about what is true / valid / worth sharing
  • the shadow aspects of a story that are uncomfortable

The practical process of alchemy is a daily choice – to consciously let go of anything that we have outgrown in order to create space for new understanding, experiences and opportunities to emerge. It is not an easy path. We are asked to continually assess who we are telling and making stories for — Me, or We? Or Us? 

We are living in a unique time on Earth. We have the opportunity to become co-creators of a modern mythology, the seeds of which have been sown in the fertile soil of our past mistakes, learning’s and evolution. The process starts with each and every one of us choosing to journey within our own stories, so that we can step into the constant cycle of inner alchemy and be a catalyst for social alchemy on Earth.  

Are you ready to embark on an inner journey of narrative alchemy?

The world needs you to say ‘yes’ to this adventure!

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Story Hacker, Whistleblower and Author, Genevieve has over 15 years experience in mainstream media and entertainment specializing in cross-sector programs of sustainable leadership and social change. She travels the world as a speaker, facilitator and coach, working with a diverse range of leaders, indigenous communities and change-makers helping them master the art and science of ‘restorying’ for a brighter, shared future. She also runs a number of journeys, uniting diverse populations of storymakers across the world – The Soulistic Journey begins Dec 18th, 2018.

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