Start Binging This Series on Conscious Good!

by Sue O'Callahan

Start Binging This Series on Conscious Good!

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience. You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

‘Essential Spirituality’ – An Intro to Sister Jayanti’s Series by Conscious Contributor Sue O’Callahan

It is truly a pleasure to introduce an entire new series of videos to Conscious Good: Intro to Essential Spirituality, featuring the luminous Sister Jayanti.

Sister Jayanti is part of the Brahma Kumari, the largest spiritual organization run by women, which now has over one million students. Through these inspiring videos, we glimpse Sister Jayanti’s beautiful, elegant heart, as her words and wisdom call us back to our own heart. Gentle and loving, she inspires us to more fully incorporate our meditation and spiritual practice into our daily lives by providing clear guidance. Sister Jayanti speaks to our ability to soften and align our sacred selves with the wisdom of our eternal divinity. Learn more about Sister Jayanti and the Brahma Kumaris here.

1. When I Change the World Changes

Sister Jayanti explores the blessings of connecting to our soul through meditation. She articulates beautifully how the practice of spiritual alignment creates a knock-on effect in changing consciousness, awareness and manifestation. Sister Jayanti inspires us to align our heart and soul and witness how this beautiful union manifests change in our world.

2. Forgiving the Self and Others

What would our world be like if we never harbored resentment, judgments or ill feelings toward one another? If our automatic reflex was to forgive and make amends? Sister Jayanti recommends forgiveness and a total release of the past as essential steps on our spiritual journey. She speaks to the root cause of being stuck and how gratitude toward those who have forgiven us can help set us free.

3. An Elevated Soul

Did you know that just because something is says it’s made with whole grains, it does not mean that it is actually healthy? The FDA does not even fully understand this idea, which is why so many super light colored breads at the grocery store are labeled “whole grain.” When grocery shopping, make sure your bread is made of 100% whole grain and check the ingredient list to make sure whole grain is one of the first ingredients. Be sure to avoid enriched or refined flour.

After viewing Sister Jayanti’s Intro to Essential Spirituality, I was inspired to sit and ask how I might deepen my connection to my heart. To me, the heart is the compass to divinity. It’s a key navigational tool to becoming an elevated soul. Here’s what I have learned: our life’s pursuit is to find the gentlest, sweetest path to the heart’s core. It’s to love ourselves from the outer to the inner, knocking ever so quietly on the heart’s door, so as to hear whatever wisdom or expression of love is awaiting us. When the heart softens, it can sing along with the sweetness of life, dancing rhythmically and in harmony with creation.

One way we can soften our hearts is by sitting next to a tiny flower, blade of grass or a stream in order to feel the loving, kind spirit of Earth’s beauty. As a practice, we soften the heart in order to decrease the inner defenses, so we can experience its exquisite sensitivity and connectability with all of life.

Take a butterfly so gentle and delicate, flowing with all of life, dropping in and connecting with the flowers of the garden, moving so elegantly and freely. Our hearts’ truest desire is to live much like the butterfly, connecting and feeling the love of our families, communities, the earth and all of its beings. When the heart is allowed to love freely, the feeling of all the love creates a wealth and richness inside, a fullness that requires nothing. Softening the heart brings a depth to life, to the moment, to each other and to all of life, satisfying any longings. Listen deeply to the cascading choirs of love’s voice. When the mind wants to talk, the heart inspires it to listen to its inner melody. It’s an intimate sharing and immense holding. We knock quietly and love echoes from the universal heart welcoming us home.

I recommend this simple practice to soften the heart:

Sit comfortably. Start by feeling the love of the Earth flowing up through your feet all the way into the heart. At the same time, feel Universal love pouring down through your crown chakra into the heart center, so the two energies meet. Receive this love. Soften the breathe, infusing it with gratitude and kindness. Allow it to gently bathe the heart. As the mind and outside noises begin to quiet, give your heart undivided attention. Set the intention to go into the inner recesses of the heart. Feel your way to the center. Be patient as the heart absorbs and receives your love. Notice any messages or nudges. When you find yourself in the center of the heart, send intention from your softened third eye presence to it. Doing so opens and frees you to be blessed by love’s infinite wisdom, supported and loved by the Creator, awakening to sacred mysteries. Bask in this serenade of love.


Research shows Fall is a better time than New Years for new resolutions and new changes in your life. So why not watch something good for the soul, making it the perfect entry back into Fall? Season One – A Spiritual Perspective is now live.


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Sue O'Callahan is a contributing writer for Conscious Good. Sue is a healing practitioner based in Los Angeles. She works with children and adults, helping them thrive under pressure and deepen their daily experience by living with purpose. Sue celebrates conscious living by incorporating meditation, ritual and ceremony into her daily life and community.

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