Want to Start Over?

by Trina Wyatt

Want to Start Over?

“Forgiveness says you are given another chance to make a new beginning.”

— Desmond Tutu

Begin Again

The month of January is a time for new beginnings – whatever that may mean to you. Perhaps you want to start over with something relatively small – like your goal to read more or begin a meditation practice. Or maybe beginning again means something even more significant to you – like addressing the fact that you’ve become reliant on alcohol and you want to change that. Maybe you’re ready for a big life change – such as a transition in careers or perhaps you want to start over with your partner. Maybe you’re taking a page out of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s book and you want to spend this year forgiving anyone who has ever negatively affected you. Regardless of the perceived size of your new beginnings, they are all possible.

Starting over – no matter how small the goal – requires dedication, bravery and commitment. If beginning again was easy, everyone would be doing it! The most important part of starting over requires your acknowledgment of the issue you want reversed. Once you’ve admitted that you want to begin again in some way, all you need is determination and the will to work hard at completing your goal.

In The Blink of An Eye

See the real-life example of someone who was forced to begin again years after a horrific accident consumed his life. Professional snowboarder, Don Schwartz suffered from third degree burns to his face and lost three friends in a tragic helicopter crash. But it wasn’t until 25 years later that he really faced his internal turmoil when he discovered in an impromptu piano exercise that his demons finally caught up with him. The story follows his healing journey and ends with his final test. Watch it now.

If you have a feature film or would like to recommend a feature film to showcase in Conscious Good’s Movie of the Month program, please email us at [email protected]

Do you want to begin again with a project you’ve been working on? It’ll be a lot easier with a group of supportive creatives to help you.

Join The Creators’ Network

It’s a place where you can learn from others and bounce your ideas for change off of them. Our goal with the Creators’ Network is to bring Conscious Creators together and fuel the Conscious Media Movement. We want to encourage a whole new breed of filmmakers, marketers, producers, programmers and artists, to put conscious raising at the core of their storytelling.

Creating original film and video programs is challenging. Finding the right people to collaborate with is difficult.  Knowing who is committed to consciousness and collaborating on projects is HARDER than it needs to be. We’re changing the tide by working with Mighty Networks, a new platform that’s unlocking a much broader breed of community building.

We passionately believe transforming the world starts with the individual.  And transforming individuals starts with impactful and inspirational stories (and a daily practice, but that’s the subject of a different story/community). Our goal is to empower a revolution in consciousness, fueled by impactful stories.

Trina is Founder and CEO of Conscious Good, dedicated to media for a healthier, happier life. She was the Founding Director of Tribeca Film Festival, COO of Tribeca Entertainment for five years prior, Head of Content for GAIAMTV’s (Gaia). Trina is also an avid meditator and completed her 200 hour kundalini yoga teacher training (as taught by Yogi Bhajan).

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