We Are All Human

by Evy Bjorn

We Are All Human

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

— African Proverb

A Heartened Look at Humanity by Conscious Contributor Evy Bjorn

Today, there are more than 150 million tribal individuals worldwide. All tribes are organized around maintaining harmony and balance. Daily rituals create their environment and keep it operational. Every day, members of the tribes live out their lives in a clearly defined system, based on community, nature and family. In contrast, we live in a modern world that is centered around exclusion, artifice and alienation.

My name is Evy Bjorn and I’m the co-founder of a global awareness initiative called Tribal Worlds. Our group, quite simply, is a conduit for change. Through media, the arts, and global events, we intend to restore honor, consciousness, wisdom and ecological solutions from the tribal communities to the modern world.

I came to this project after a long and difficult period of darkness which had created an imbalance in my life. In these moments where darkness pervades, we are forced to surrender. They say, “The only way out is to go through.” I believe that “the only way to go through is to go within.” But we’ll get more into that another time. The lesson of surrender and the imbalance of light and dark in my life prepared me for embracing the light of the Tribal Worlds mission.

The Dogon believe that in order to change the world, we must start by changing ourselves. They believe that the most important influences for humanity are non-physical in nature. It is necessary for us to make every possible effort to know how to interact with the non-physical world. This non-physical world is within everyone. It is the only way to propel our society forward, as a whole. Change is uncomfortable but ultimately necessary, not just for us but for our children and our children’s children. We are being asked to come out of isolation, to raise our vibration, to check our egos at the door, and to remember that we are all on this earth together. Quite literally, we all share this planet and as such, we all need to respect the earth.

The link between you and First Nations People is that everyone who wants to make this change – old way of thinking, the ego – is part of the same circle.

The heart of Tribal Worlds is rooted in the African concept of Ubuntu, meaning, I am because we all are. It is from this pure and unobstructed concept that we can propel our humanitarian mission forward. Working with Elders from the Lakota, Oceania, Dogon and Algonquin, to name a few, we are creating a Council of Indigenous and Conscious Leaders. We aim to combat modern day challenges through the expression of indigenous wisdom, knowledge and ritual; from climate change, wildlife and nature conservation, human trafficking, child care, education, illegal land grabbing, spiritual disconnect, health and government. The Council utilizes indigenous solutions to confront these universal issues. We are initiating this council at our event in New York City in late April 2018; A Global Indigenous Conference: The Voice of our Tribal Leaders.

From the deep knowing that we are all one, transcending the concept of me vs. you and us vs. them, Tribal Worlds is a platform utilizing the wisdom of indigenous communities and pairing it with the capacity of modern society. We aim to create radical change for all of humanity and the planet as a whole.

For the Humanitarians in All Of Us

We, at Conscious Good, are all about the idea of humanity and connecting to help one another. For more humanitarian-centered content take a look at our ‘Humanity’ channel: where ancient wisdom meets modern culture. Celebrate our capacity for compassion, altruism and positive change with videos like ‘1-800-GIVE-US-YOUR-KIDNEY,’ which is about a man who decides to donate one of his kidneys to someone he doesn’t know; ‘Karma Kitchen,’ which take a look at a restaurant in California that doesn’t operate on money but on good deeds instead; and ‘The Other Human’ which examines a man who has dedicated his life to helping with the humanitarian crisis in Europe. ‘A Thousand Suns’ tells the story of the Gamo Highlands of the African Rift Valley and the unique worldview held by the people of the region while in ‘Japan: Okinawa’s Last Hundred-Year-Olds’ Bernard Fontanille, an emergency doctor, travels to Okinawa, a Japanese island that cultivates the art of ageing, via social bonds, physical activity and personal fulfilment.

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Evy is the co-founder of Tribal Worlds. Her love of indigenous cultures was sparked while traveling the world as a child with her Norwegian mother. She attended conservatory at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and The William Esper Studio in NYC. While at school, she began modeling and also enhancing her knowledge behind the camera; working as a Director’s Assistant, Producer’s Assistant, Wardrobe Supervisor, Stunt Performer, Line Producer and Locations Manager; always enhancing her production skills. Upon arriving in Los Angeles, she shifted her focus to documentary, reality/doc field producing, specifically working for Falling Whistles, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Buzzfeed Pictures; and internationally working for DR2 in Denmark, National Geographic International in Italy and the US. In 2015 and 2016, she worked as a Development Executive, in the non-scripted division, for Televisa International, based in Madrid, Spain. She recently returned to Los Angeles and was on the producing team for a new series on LMN. An avid enthusiast for film, culture, travel and world affairs, she has a hands on approach to work and life, that always keep her yearning for more. Tribal Worlds is the creative culmination of bringing a sense of global unity, awareness and empowerment into a tangible action project.

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