What I Learned While in The Foothills of The Himalayas

by Conscious Good

What I Learned While in The Foothills of The Himalayas

by Conscious Good’s Head of Content Tatyanna Wright

My first experience with Sattva was several years ago when I met Sattva Summit Event Director Annemarie Brown in Boulder, CO through a mutual friend of ours – Yashoda Devi Ma. At that time, Annemarie was in town from India with her beautiful collection of Sacred jewelry handmade by local artisans and inspired by Cosmic Expansion symbology. They were talking about Sattva Yoga. Back then I thought Sattva was “just another brand of yoga”. My friend Yashoda informed me otherwise and later introduced me to Sattva founder Anand Mehrotra.

The Sattva yoga practice isn’t your everyday asana class. It incorporates several applications: kriya, hatha and kundalini, each utilizing specific poses, meditations, mantra and breath-work designed to take you beyond yourself so you may meet your truth. Ultimately, the classes raise and elevate consciousness. The Sattva Summit focuses on community, culture and consciousness. This is what Conscious Good and Sattva have in common and the reason why we are attending the Summit this November (7-13).

Annemarie Brown shares the vision behind creating the Sattva Summit and explains why this boutique conscious gathering in the birthplace of yoga is so magical.

CG: Sattva is a special place. It’s not on the banks of the Ganges like many Rishikesh yoga retreats are. What makes it so magical and distinct? 

AB: When people arrive to Sattva they are greeted by a warm and deeply nurturing energy. Sattva is located a short drive away from Laxmanjula and is set in the Shivalik mountains along a fresh water river offset of Ganga, the vibration of the land is high and supportive for deep healing and transformation. It is a true sanctuary and place to come and just “be”. The grounds are stunning and abundant, rooms beautiful and the staff is joyous and fully present to support every individual who comes through. The yoga facilities are highly charged. Many sacred sights are on the land where we do ritual and group wisdom gatherings. Surrounded by natural beauty there are also many villages and swimming holes to hike to!

CG: Community, culture, consciousness are definitely the three C’s that come to mind when I think of Sattva. How would you describe Sattva, and the vision of the Sattva Summit? 

AB: Anand’s vision for Sattva was to create a global yoga community of individuals who are doing evolutionary work in the world and come to India for growth and transformation. It’s amazing to see year after year the amazing people who come through here to study with Anand. He is truly brilliant in the way he shares the teachings. He is a true Master. The vision arose for the Sattva Summit to bring the global yoga community together for an intimate gathering where we could go deep into our practice, inspire one another and celebrate life! Where people could connect with other lighthouses of the world in the birthplace of yoga. The Sattva Summit is not a yoga festival, it is an event that will uplift your life. Think of it as a retreat meets festival. Those who attend will experience deep transformation and will leave with tools they can use in their daily lives that support conscious living.

CG: Can you give me a sense of what a typical day at the Summit will be like? Personally, I love the fact that excursions can be taken.

AB: Participants of the Summit receive a full spectrum experience. Each day is different, offering morning yoga with Master teachers, wisdom gatherings and Satsang’s with Anand, yogic living workshops, daily rituals, meditation, ayurvedic workshops, spa offerings, cultural performances and local excursions! We want people to feel like they not only expanded in their practice but also in their life experiences. We will enjoy evening performances by local Indian musicians and gypsy dancers, as well as several options for excursions to local goddess temples and the Maharishi Mahesh ashram. We also feel that giving back, or seva, is such an important part of living consciously so we will have seva activities planned to support kids in the local community through the Sattva Foundation and Sat Nam Foundation.

CG: Who’s teaching?

AB: Yoga classes are taught by globally renowned teachers such as – Anand Mehrotra, Gurmukh, Tommy Rosen, Kia Miller, Sadhviji, Maya Fiennes, Gina Sala, and lead Sattva Teachers.

Annemarie will also be teaching a workshop called Embodying Sri Yantra, where she shares the ancient wisdom of yantra and sacred geometry as a form of meditation. The Sri Yantra is the most powerful yantra in the tantric tradition representing unity and cosmic creation. To practice with this image invokes its qualities.

Annemarie’s passion for Sri Yantra can be seen in the jewelry collection I mentioned earlier called The Sattva Collection, wearing the pieces (that feature a Sri Yantra) connects the wearer deeper to their mediation practice, inspiring everyone to experience the deep transformation going on around and within us.

Learn more about the Sattva Summit and buy tickets here.

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