What is the “Good Stuff”?

by Conscious Good

What is the “Good Stuff”?

Yep, our name is Conscious Good. We know that sounds pretty confident. And, yes, we aim to put the “best of” conscious media on our site. What is conscious media anyway, you ask? Good question. So, here’s what I’ll tackle in this post:

  • What is “conscious media”?
  • What is “good” vs. not?

Okay, so to start with the first question: what is “conscious media”?

There is some accepted idea of what “conscious media” is. If you want a detailed explanation, this one for writers is pretty darn good. Simply speaking, the idea is that the content (whatever form it takes – film, show, article, etc.) acknowledges our universal connectedness.

I know that may sound a little “woo woo”-y, but the point is that the content includes some explicit or underlying recognition of how we are all connected. It could be a theme of the story, the type of characters who are revealed, or the the subjects of documentation, for example.

With that in mind, when we talk about finding “wellness” we are talking about a holistic pursuit – not something that is going to happen in the absence of taking the big picture into consideration.

Whether it comes from some ancient myth or a modern scientific discovery, people from all over the world, from all cultures, ethnicities, trades, religions, etc. have ideas about how individuals fit into the universe. You never know where the wisdom will come from, but the point is that “conscious” material may help a viewer or listener get a little better understanding of what makes sense for them.

Importantly, we here at Conscious Good are adamant about not telling you one way or another on anything. There are a ton of methods, theories, modalities, regimens, approaches, etc. (pick your word!) for embracing conscious living and finding wellness. We just want to bring a lot of great options to your attention to help you figure out your own path.

And, now for: what is “good” vs. not?

The reality is everything is subjective, so is it really fair to say “good” when that implies there’s a “bad”? And, besides, who are we to say? Here’s the deal…

The beauty of stories is that they are inherently personal. Whether based in fact or fiction, stories connect with us on an individual level. We each relate to different aspects.

The same is true of a practice. One person’s “relaxation” pose is another person’s torture.

What we do know is that there are video and audio recordings that have high production qualities, and those that don’t. We also know that there are people in the “wellness” space that have integrity and are backed by credentials, research, etc., and those that don’t.

Our intent is to try and bring the quality options to the foreground.

So, that’s our story on what’s “good” and we’re sticking to it. You find out for yourself. And, please keep us posted if you see good stuff we’re missing. We love to hear from you!

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