Words To Remove From Your Child’s Vocabulary

by Conscious Good

Words To Remove From Your Child’s Vocabulary

“Silence is better than unmeaning words.”

— Pythagoras

Part 1

Forget cuss words and the like. That’s baby talk compared to the damaging effects of a few key words that we often use in our human language and teach our kids right out the gate during early human development – even before they can speak.

As you may know, what we teach and demonstrate to our kids between 0-7yrs imprints very deeply into their subconscious – making responses to life, emotions, thoughts, and behaviors automatic (or on autopilot).

Through the human potential movement we have all learned that thoughts are things. Certainly the impulse begins with a thought. However, thoughts begin to materialize from mental energy into physical form through the launching of words. Words give traction to thought energy. Words are the thought in action.

Some might disagree with the idea of monitoring one’s words, and instead subscribe to the notion that we shouldn’t hold anything back and that it’s best to let it all out. I’d like to suggest training yourself and kids otherwise. I’m not suggesting anyone stuff their feelings and thoughts inside themselves. What I am suggesting is to first reflect before reacting to a thought that is inside your mind, and then decide if it should take shape and be released as words.

What’s the harm in taking a brief moment of pause to ask yourself “do I, or does the world really need the energy of the words I’m about to launch? Is it beneficial?”  If it is something awesome, go for it!  Either way, it requires us to take a moment to reflect and take a conscious examination of our words and their origin.

Every parent wants their kids to believe in themselves, think expansively, and know that anything is possible. So what pesky words are taught to us in our formative years that result in deep negative programming of the subconscious mind and the brain, and which words prevent us from embodying and living the feeling of limitlessness and possibilities? Some of the first are the words… I can’t.

For those who are students of spirituality, you know that the notion of separation from source (the divine, God, or any other word you use to express the Infinite Intelligence) is what limits our human potential and keeps us bound to misery and unnecessary struggle. Separation is living as if we don’t have the divine within and operating as us, at all times. Nothing says separation like the words… I can’t.  These words program deep into subconscious the idea that I AM limited, I’m not capable, it is impossible, and so on.  All of which are completely opposite of the true nature of source – hence us! Add a little feeling or emotional juice to the words…and you got subconscious cementing the idea into stone solid form – and your life being the evidence of it.

Your higher self would never use limiting, harmful words. If you’re doing so, you are already operating in separation from your very source within. Notice how kids speak when they are small. They naturally believe that anything is possible. Their creative imaginations are nearly as expansive as source.

Next time you child says I can’t, try of some of these statements to open your child’s mind to possibilities and better alignment with the highest aspects of their true human nature – their higher self.

  • I’d like to give it a go
  • I can do anything that I’m in alignment with and that I focus on
  • Anything is possible
  • I may not be able to right now, but I will soon
  • I just need a little practice first

Stay tuned for the second biggest mistake we are taught to say.

Gretchen Downey is a Children & Teen Health Innovation and Program Prevention Expert; Specialist in Conscious Parenting, Human Potential & Purpose Education; #1 Best-Selling Author; Public Speaker; CEO of Mind Body Spirit Parenting; and Founder of www.TheKidWhisper.com.

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