Yoga is Universal

by Trina Wyatt

Yoga is Universal

“And you? When will you begin your long journey into yourself?”

— Rumi

Yoga is universal.

However, the journey on and off the mat, is personal, and for many a lifelong commitment. Our “teachers” can be trained professionals, historical texts, cultural events, our communities, influential voices or the world around us. We often regard the most prominent yogis as living legends without really knowing their story.

Meet Andrew Sealy and Alec Vishel Rouben, the creators of the exceptional series Yoga Revealed, who give us personal, authentic and in-depth conversations with today’s most influential Yogis including: Seane Corne, MC Yogi, Annie Carpenter, Yoga girl, about the evolution of yoga through time and culture.  Through these conversations, we begin to truly understand the transformational power of Yoga and the commonalities that bring us back to our practice daily.

Yoga Revealed aims to inspire, connect, and empower a prolific community of Yogis as we positively influence the mindful movement of Yoga evolution worldwide.

Debra Silverman

Debra Silverman is one of America’s Top Astrologers! Over the past 37 years of professional experience and private practice, she has specialized in helping thousands of individuals achieve emotional health and wisdom.

Activist, yoga teacher and selfless leader, Seane Corne has become one of the leading voices in the yoga community. Thru mindful compassion, she believes yoga can change the world. From OCD to a leading thought leader, Seane’s, personal story is one of true passion and hope.

MC Yoga blends his love of yoga culture, storytelling, hip-hop and modern Kirtan, uniting yogis all over the world.  In this conversation with Andrew Sealy, he also reveals the power of mantra and his unique, electrifying style.

Thought leader and mindful activist, Waylon Lewis is the founder of the global yoga community’s, most respected magazine, Elephant Journal. In this conversation, he shares 3 key tips to making change and how to create more purposeful unity among us.

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