Welcome to Conscious Good’s Creators Network – a place that embraces conscious creators and encourages connection, collaboration and expansive expression. Our specialized networking groups, events, and courses are designed to enhance personal and professional development.

In short, by joining the Network you’ll get: inspiration, information, and connection. (And paid work that won’t pinch your soul!)

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What is conscious media?
Conscious Media is media created with the intention of elevating, honoring, and transforming consciousness in some way, for both the creators and those that experience the media-work. This includes transforming consciousness around an issue, situation or idea; transforming the consciousness of the individual, transforming the collective (cultural) and transforming consciousness itself (evolutionary growth).

Who are conscious creators?

Filmmakers, writers, storytellers, artists and those who are genuinely focused on creating impact by expanding the understanding of themselves and sharing it with the world.

Our mission is to encourage a whole new breed of filmmakers and artists interested in creating projects that put consciousness-raising at the core of their work.

Creating this work is rewarding, but it can also be very challenging. Searching for like-minded people with whom to collaborate can be difficult and time consuming. The Creators Network simplifies the whole process and, dare we say, makes it more fun!

 The Conscious Good Creators Network Lets You…

-Expand your network by connecting with other like-minded storytellers to co-create.

-Find paid work (that you truly love).

-Make better, well-informed decisions with filmmaking tools, resources and discounts to products and services.

-Find inspiration and ideas for your passion project or profession.

-Get answers to the burning questions you can’t Google.

-Connect with a private online community you can trust. Here, personal expression is encouraged, and you can have confidence that it won’t be sold or exploited.

-Take on-line interactive courses designed to elevate your life personally and professionally with Stream of Consciousness and our conscious filmmaking courses, set to launch in 2020.

-Be in the know on meet-ups, conferences, festivals and events.

-Discover distribution opportunities, including opportunities on ConsciousGood.com and our Studio Series.

-Participate in our Movie-of-the-Month online gathering where we review and discuss conscious feature films and TV series.

– Explore films created to elevate consciousness and their impact on humanity and learn how you can create similar impact.

The Premium Membership to the Conscious Good Creators Network is a high level networking platform. Most other networking groups are almost $500 per year, but ours is a fraction of the cost. Connect & network with other conscious creators, working professionals like yourself, who are serious about their craft. Our members are committed to supporting each other through hiring from within the network, sharing opportunities and information, as well as collaborating together on projects.

Stream of Consciousness:
The Creators Network introduces Stream of Consciousness, bi-monthly online courses, designed to elevate, inspire and inform visual storytellers. Each course is part experience, part information. Experts from across the consciousness, storytelling, and media universes gather on our online community to impart their expertise and evolve the conversation.

The Conscious Good Platform:
Based on your approved content, share your work with an audience of over 30 thousand people. The Conscious Good Platform is a premiere film, video and podcast website which shares high vibe content with the world.

Creators Network Courses:
Our courses are designed to expand your own consciousness and develop your skills as a storyteller. They are delivered by world renowned artists such as Barnet Bain (What Dreams May Come) Tom Shlesinger (Master Teacher, Story Consultant for multiple award-winning films), Betsy Chasse (What The Bleep Do We Know?!) and many more. As a member, you receive a 10% discount off of all courses offered.

Each month we offer an industry professional to support you in expanding your work. These professionals share their expertise in screenwriting, producing, directing, financing, & development of business. We will also offer personal development, meditation and other mentors to support you in your own personal growth.