Stories — real and imagined — have the power to transform.

We are dedicated to helping you find your path to wellbeing, through streaming videos and podcasts, available on demand, anytime, for free.

But we’re also committed to sponsoring programs and events in the “real” world that help foster our mission. Our first few events are listed below.

Conscious Good’s Spirit Film Festival is a celebration of spiritspiritualityinspirationrelationships, and consciousness.

The human MIND: consciousness, perception, thinking, memory, and that which is yet to be discovered, pushes the boundaries of our own comprehension with a thread of stories that connect us in this world and beyond. The Mindscape Film Festival by Conscious Good is a celebration of this marvel.

In recognition of World Humanitarian Day on August 19, Conscious Good is launching The Humanitarian Film Festival in support of the United Nations. The festival brings together global perspectives on protecting, respecting and communicating the value of all people.