An old man fantasizes over a childhood memory in which he was playing with fire.

Justin Ramer is a filmmaker whose work focuses on the minutiae of quotidian life while emulating poetic and surreal influences. Whether comedy or drama, he has established himself as a humanistic storyteller, always developing characters and shaping images that are able to connect with his audience. Having recently graduated from Syracuse University with both a BFA in Film with an Emphasis in Writing and Directing as well as a minor in French Literature and Culture, he wrote, directed, and produced several short films during his time as a student, “Ashes” being his senior thesis project. Dedicated to his passion for film, Justin has worked professionally as a PA, grip, assistant editor, and sound mixer, and in the last year alone he has served as assistant director on three short films and directed two other currently unreleased shorts. The 35mm Czech-language short “Outgrowth” which was made during his four months at the world-renowned FAMU in Prague and the surreal short “Know Thy Rifle” which he co-directed with writer/producer Forrest Vreeland are currently preparing for release by the end of 2017.

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