Beginner’s Guide to Crow with Mandy Roberts

Crow or Bakasana is a challenging and fun little pose. In this short and sweet video Mandy breaks down the basic fundamentals of learning how to fly on your mat. Many times in class we don’t have the time or personal guidance to learn how to get into some of these more challenging postures, so why not try it from the comfort of your own home? Get ready to fly the nest y’all!

Mandy’s passion is to bring an expression of liveliness and authenticity to each of her students. Leaving dogma at the door, she encourages you to face your fears and to go deep into what moves you as you explore yoga as a source of inspiration. Mandy’s classes are always a sweet and sweaty celebration of life, music and art expressed through asana and storytelling. She loves to embody playfulness on the mat, gently exploring and encouraging poses such as inversions and arm balances to challenge and empower her students to keep learning, growing (and falling). She believes yoga is for everybody (and every body) and strives to teach accessible and lively classes that will meet you exactly where you are. There is no need for perfection in Mandy’s classes, simply show up on your mat and do the work. You may cry, you will surely laugh. You will make friends with yourself, and you will have fun.

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