Boxing Out

If his son and #1 protégé survived the coma incurred after a brutal boxing match, Garrido vowed to care for God’s lost children. Giving up everything he had and taking to the streets, Garrido decided to bring new life to a once decrepit, crime-ridden lot underneath a bridge in one of São Paulo’s toughest neighborhoods: by turning it into a boxing gym. For 20 years, Garrido has been using the art of boxing to transform the lives of thousands of drug addicts, bringing new life to an invisible community that had all but lost its hope. Though every day is a battle, Garrido perseveres with strength, vision and determination.

Director: Ayelet Vardi

Executive Producer: Ayelet Vardi

Assistant Director: Julia McGill

Director of Photography: Pedro Knoll

Drone / Camera Operator: Marcelo Vogelaar

Music by: Arthur Decloedt

Additional Footage Provided by: Thomas Pedro

A Cinema Tribu Production

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