Clearing Stagnation, Depression and Frustration with Susan Fauman

In Ayurveda, issues with painful or irregular menstruation and difficult emotions are connected with heat and/or stagnation in your liver. In this practice, learn how to open up the energy of the liver and digestive system to release heat and obstructions and open your heart.

Susan Fauman is an artist, yoga instructor, jewelry-maker and ayurvedic lifestyle educator. She doesn’t think we have to be dark-and-twisty OR lovey-lighty to be profound. Susan teaches women how to connect with their intuition and with cycles of nature to rediscover their innate wisdom. Her goal is to inspire you to be carried away by the wonder and poetry of Nature but still make it back in time to cook dinner. Learn more about her approach to yoga, ayurveda and art at

Find more videos to practice with Susan at Gather Yoga



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