Dancing in the Crossfire

In the middle of one of Rio de Janeiro’s infamous favelas, poverty-ridden areas known for their high-crime rates and violent drug overlords, Tuany Nascimento, a 22 year-old dancer and resident of the favela, teaches ballet.

Since 2012, Tuany has been running Na Ponta dos Pés — “On Tiptoes” — a social project through which she teaches free ballet classes to over 40 students aged between four and fifteen. In a place where teenage pregnancy, prostitution and drug abuse run rampant and might seem like unavoidable facts of life, On Tiptoes offers a place of respite – a means through which young women can reevaluate their self-worth and reimagine their future.

Despite the difficulties they face on a daily basis, including having dance practice postponed due to the alarming sounds of gunfire, Tuany leads by example and perseveres; relying on the discipline and beauty of ballet to demonstrate that there is a different path, a different future for those born in the favela.

Director: Ayelet Vardi

Cinematographer: Felipe Lion

Editor: Pedro Knoll

Produced by: Cinema Tribu in association with Expresso4

2 thoughts on “Dancing in the Crossfire”

  1. I find it an incredibly moving, beautiful and well directed piece.

    In the midst of this dark dark weeks in the history of humanity – its important to remember there are those who work for the side of light.

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