Day 39

A young soldier on his first deployment to Afghanistan discovers that war is going to be more complicated that he thought when he is asked to assist a seasoned ranger medic. Day 39 is a fictionalized drama which puts us on the front lines of war and tests our intrinsic desire to help one another.

Jesse Gustafson – Director (USA)

At the age of 17 Jesse enlisted in the US Army  and was deployed on a peacekeeping mission to Bosnia-Herzegovina. After the military he returned to school to get his BFA.  Pursuing his love of directing and performing, Jesse traveled from Thailand to San Francisco participating in over 40 theatrical productions across the world. In 2010 he decided to pursue his love of storytelling and enrolled in the Masters of Fine Arts Film Program at Columbia University in New York City Where he began directing and producing short films which would earn him accolades and a number of awards.

His short film DAY 39 premiered at the 2015 Columbia Film Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City where the film won Faculty Honors as well as Jesse’s second IFP Audience Choice Award. Prior to the festival the film was awarded development awards by Light Iron and the Tribeca Film Institute and was selected to participate in the ASCAP Columbia University Composer Workshop (his third time being selected for the workshop).DAY 39 was a finalist at the 42nd Annual Student Academy Awards, making it one of the top seven student films in the US in 2015.

In June of 2015 Jesse produced his first feature, VERA in New York City. The film will premier in 2016. In May of 2016 Jesse directed his first feature film, an action thriller called, The Base, starring Cam Gigandet. The film is in post production and will premier in 2017.

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