Japan: Okinawa’s Last Hundred-Year-Olds

Bernard Fontanille, an emergency doctor, travels to Okinawa, a Japanese island that cultivates the art of ageing, via social bonds, physical activity and personal fulfillment. He talks with Mrs. Toyama – 91 years-old and fighting fit – in order to understand the secrets of her longevity. For her, it is very important to have Ikigai: “the belief that life is worth living”.

2 thoughts on “Japan: Okinawa’s Last Hundred-Year-Olds”

  1. Every episode in this series is AMAZING. But this one might be my favorite. Friendship and community are not usually what we think of as keys to longevity.

  2. As a long time appreciator of blue zone research, Okinawa has always been at the top of the list. We have a lot to learn from them.

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