Lion Struggles

A young woman struggles to accept her identity as a lion in a house-cat world.

Cara Phillips spent her childhood creating plays every weekend with her best friend, to perform for their long-suffering parents. From this humble beginning, Cara eventually decided to pursue a career as a writer and director. Now, many years later, Cara is still pursuing that career. Cara studied Theatre Arts and Creative Writing at Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia, graduating in 2000. She started her own theatre company, producing and directing 12 shows over a three year period. After that, Cara worked on film projects with various community groups for years, before travelling to China to shoot her first feature film in 2009. In 2010, she shot another feature film in India before returning to Australia. Cara returned to complete a Masters in Screen Studies at the W.A Screen Academy, majoring in directing in 2014. Since this, Cara has produced, directed and written a number of shorts and music videos with Flame Collective. 

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