Post-War Machismo: Be A Man

At 15, Dragan Kisin was beating kids up, drinking, and getting in all sorts of trouble. His father had left home to avoid gambling debts, and his mother was in despair. Then Dragan joined the Be a Man club in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Banja Luka. He is now a community leader and non-violence advocate.

A delicate balance of Muslims, Serbs and Croats, Bosnia was torn apart as federal Yugoslavia dissolved. Up to 100,000 people were killed in the 1992-1995 war and an estimated 35,000 women were raped.

Recognizing that the widespread sexual violence perpetrated in the war had given rise to a culture of violence and bullying among youth, the Be a Man club brings young men and women together to fight stereotypes and become role models for their peers.

Liz Mermin – Director (UK)

Liz Mermin is a documentary filmmaker whose work has explored a variety of contemporary topics, from a beauty school in Kabul to press freedom in Azerbaijan to the tangled relationships between police, terrorists, and the film world in Mumbai. Her films have been broadcast internationally, released in cinemas in the US and UK, and shown at film festivals around the world. Mermin came to filmmaking through cultural anthropology and the study of African cinema and is now settled in the UK.

7 thoughts on “Post-War Machismo: Be A Man”

  1. Brilliantly produced film that delivers a strong clear message of hope in such a brief run time. This could be any of several other countries in the region with similar problems where individuals like Dragan are working to challenge the destructive culture of machismo borne out of conflict that they have grown up in. They are really making a difference to peoples lives which can ultimately disseminate into a real sense of purpose for those that will one way or another play a key part in the developing future of their societies. Good luck to them all. Great film.

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