Simon Says

Plagued by the disconcerting thoughts inside his head, a self-doubting entrepreneur begins to suspect that they may not be his own.

Originally from Chicago, Jamie Sterba came to California with a degree in writing and a passion for visual storytelling that grew into a career in cinematography. This led to commercials where he traveled the world – from East African safaris, to the snowfields of Norway, to filming Gorbachev in a Moscow Pizza Hut. This journey moved naturally into long form work in features and television. Most recently, he has shared his camera work as the Operator on Ray Donovan, Kingdom, and the second season of Hand of God. When his eye is not in the eyepiece, he directs commercials out of Buzzsaw Films in Los Angeles, for which he has garnered a number of awards. With his love of narrative, he strives to find visual stories that explore the human condition, blending his talents to find a certain “cinematic humanity.” “Simon Says,” his first film, has won multiple Best of Fest and Best Short Film awards. It was also Nominated for Best Narrative Short Film at the Austin Film Festival and a First Runner-Up at the Cleveland International Film Festival.

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