Soul Talk – Congressman Charles Rangel

Former Congressman Charles Rangel served as a U.S. Representative for districts in New York from 1971 to 2017. He is a war hero and history-making congressman and master lawmaker. A founding member of the Congressional Black Caucus, former Congressman Rangel made history as the first African American member of Congress to lead the powerful Ways and Means Committee. During his tenure, he was cited as the most effective lawmaker in the House, leading all of his colleagues in passing legislation. He was a prime contributor to President Obama’s historic health care reform law.

In Congress, following Saint Matthew’s teaching, he was a stalwart champion for the “least among us,” advocating powerfully and persistently to improve the lives of working people. He was a defender of veterans and treated education as a national security issue.

A leading advocate for equal rights and equal opportunity, former Congressman Rangel helped to boost the incomes of millions of working families with the Earned Income Tax Credit, and pumped billions of dollars into revitalization of communities across the nation. Demonstrating his commitment to education, he created financial mechanisms to construct and rehabilitate public schools across the country.

Among his proudest achievements is founding the Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program in the State Department, in cooperation with Howard University.

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