Talc is a character story about a man in remote Australia, who found a book that contained a 5000 year old Sumerian sculpture which lead him to believe that there were meanings in symbols and letters. He watches the sky at night and wonders if there is life beyond the stars.

Chris Grainger is a multi award winning producer/director from Sydney. Over the past 12 years Chris has made over 150 programs for some of the of the largest global broadcasters including National Geographic, Discovery, and Travel Channel.Chris started his career at 18 as one of Prime Television’s leading reporters, traveling all around NSW covering a wide range of stories for the Network’s in Canberra, Wollongong and Newcastle.In recent years Chris has produced and directed dozens of high profile corporate productions and advertising campaigns, including the award winning web series “Making Tracks” commissioned by DDB and Tourism Australia . His background as a journalist, as well as extensive training as a cameraman and editor gives him a uniquely well-rounded and pragmatic approach to filmmaking.
Jefferson Grainger is a multi-awarding winning director and cameraman, who together with his brother Chris, runs the video production company Grainger Films. Jefferson has a passion for film and film-making, particularly for telling authentic stories with heart. His early career involved filming in some of the most extraordinary and challenging locations on the planet, in the production of travel and wildlife documentaries that have been broadcast on international television networks. This background helped develop his love of creating beautiful images, and discovering unusual characters and stories in all corners of the earth.

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