The Boombox Project

On the heels of the graffiti renaissance comes a vibrant look at an old-school icon that figured prominently in the hip-hop, rock & roll, and punk movements of the 1970s and 80s. Lyle Owerko shot the photograph featured on the cover of Time magazine on September 11, 2001, the day of the 9/11 attacks, which showed an explosion at the World Trade Center. In 2005 the American Society of Magazine Editors ranked it as 25th out of a list of the 40 most important magazine covers in the last 40 years.

one thought on “The Boombox Project”

  1. Great story about history. I was working at the Federal Building, 26 Federal Plaza, for the Securities and Exchange Commission from 1978-1981, and I enjoyed the electronic stores in downtown
    Manhattan during lunchtime to scout around the various items they had like the Sinclair Micro TV, which worked in Europe, when I vacationed there in 1979, 40 years ago. Also, I saw the development of the Boombox Revolution, myself owning several of them from 1977 on such as an early Sharp one, then JVC one from the late 1970’s, in the book, and an unusual Sony, CFS-D7, from J&R on Park Row, which cost around $400.00 in 1980, and had Dolby B, a digital readout for Analog AM/FM radio too. It also could ise Type III, FeCr tapes. Thanks for such a book.

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