The Other Human

While a humanitarian crisis unfolded in Europe, as continued the vilification of people fleeing violent conflict and untold misery. There are many who could learn a great deal from Kostas: the warm-hearted Athenian in this short film who believes ‘no victims are necessary.’

Kostas is a bearded Athenian oozing character. His twenty-four carat heart bears overwhelming compassion and empathy. Every day he takes his stove and a small army of volunteers to the streets of Athens to cook. ‘Free food for all’ he told me, ‘for solidarity, respect and love for all people.’

Ryan Chapman (UK) – Director

Ryan is a British filmmaker and editor who specialises in creating meaningful documentaries that drive positive social, environmental and political change. He graduated with a first class degree in Film and Television Production from the Cambridge School of Art in 2012, and has since traveled the world in pursuit of stories. He’s shot in over ten countries on four continents – and counting. In 2015 he founded the Destination: Utopia community (on Twitter @DestUtopia), creating a platform to share ideas and initiatives from around the world to inspire positive change.

3 thoughts on “The Other Human”

  1. I have known Allos Anthropos from the very begnning of his ac oe cookin an offerin food which little by littl turne t b social and political mission at Syntagma square. His paradigm should be distriibuted all over the world and followed by others!! That’s why I vote for Conscious Good!!!

  2. I have been in Lesbos ans Athens cooking with Kostas and all nice people of O allos anthropos. I admire and like them very much and I think what they do should be done in other countries. That’s why I vote for the film. Thanks for leting people know iniciatives like this.

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