The Shaman and The Scientist

What’s the value of a cure for AIDS that grew in a forest you cut down last week?’ – Dr. Dennis McKenna

‘I’m not going to take to the grave everything I have learned, because I know humanity will need it.’ – Don Juan Tangoa Paima

This short documentary explores the topic of traditional plant medicine from two perspectives – that of Don Juan Tangoa Paima, a curandero who works with Ayahuasca medicine in the Peruvian Amazon and through the research of Dr. Dennis McKenna, brother of Terrence McKenna, an American Ethnobotanist looking for new plant compounds to treat schizophrenia and dementia. The story takes viewers from jungle to lab asking what is the value of undiscovered knowledge in the worlds most biodiverse biomes, and what’s at stake if we allow those precious resources to be lost.

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