Three Best Friends Fought and Survived Ebola in Sierra Leone

The story of three male nurses who survived Ebola celebrate the end of the epidemic.

The three young men came to Freetown together to study as student nurses. When the Ebola epidemic began, they were given the option to work in the “red zone” – the Ebola isolation unit at Connaught Hospital – and agreed, despite the danger. Their family and friends disowned them and they were thrown out of their lodgings but were able to share a small room at the hospital.

They worked the night shift, and often lost 5 or 6 patients a night. One night, one of the men had an accident that affected all three of them. This is their story.

This was filmed on the day Sierra Leone was declared Ebola-free.

Leanne Welham – Director (UK)

Leanne Welham trained as a professional editor before moving into writing and directing. She has received numerous awards for her short films and is currently in post production with her debut feature film, Pili, a drama set in rural Tanzania.

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