Unreasonable at Sea: Pure Water Pure Love in Vietnam

Aquaphytex is a pioneer company and a global leader in biotechnological production. They offer a natural alternative to conventional wastewater treatments and do so without the use of any chemicals or energy (instead, they use plants).

In this episode, we followed Pedro Delgado, founder of Aquaphytex, as he ventures down the deltas near Ho Chi Minh City in search of a special species of plant. The species he’s looking for is part of the same family of plants that he has utilized in water purification centers in Spain and Mali, and if he succeeds in tracking it down, it could play a vital role in expanding his company into Vietnam. In Vietnam, he combines his two loves in life: his girlfriend, Bianca, and his passion for purifying water around the world.

Social entrepreneur Pedro Delgado participated in [email protected], which was a program in partnership with Semester at Sea and the Stanford d.School, which brought together a cohort of 10 social impact companies who sailed around the world for 100 days, over 25,000 nautical miles, into 13 different countries. This is one episode in a 12 part series. If you want to view more about the series go to [email protected] or Unreasonable.is.

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