Yoga Flow to Let Go with Anton Mackey

Anton guides you through a yoga flow with several namaskara variations designed to open your body and ease your mind. Each salutation is set up with anatomical alignment cues. When it is time to move with the breath, the body’s muscle memory feels where to go instinctively.

Anton believes that yoga is a practice that helps us connect to our souls: “Through the practice of yoga we can find inspiration, passion, and gratitude for every breath, step, pose, and moment we get to take.” After taking his first class in 2008, Anton gradually developed a style  inspired by the Shiva & Shakti, the yin & yang, Mother Earth & Father Sky, the balance between the masculine and feminine energy. Creating stillness through movement, his classes guide students deeper into self awareness and a connection with mind, body, and soul. Find more videos to practice with Anton at Gather Yoga.




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