Yukon Kings

Set in the remote Alaskan Yukon Delta, Yukon Kings follows Yup’ik fisherman Ray Waska as he teaches his grandkids how to fish during the summer salmon run. With environmental and cultural forces threatening their subsistence way of life, Ray holds onto the hope that his grandsons will one day pass on the traditional knowledge to their children.

one thought on “Yukon Kings”

  1. A reminder of how distanced I am from my own subsistence. I go to the store and there everything is available. But where does it come from and what kind of shape was that environment left in? We learn by listening to those closest to the food source. In our society, so distance from the sources of its sustenance, those closest to the original environment, become our oracles. They are the ones on the front lines. What will happen to them, will eventually touch us all.

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