A creator-owned ecosystem for prosocial media.

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow the amount of quality conscious entertainment made and the global audience who enjoys experiencing it.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every human being feels connected to themselves, to each other, and to something greater.

An Ecosystem for Conscious Media

Curation, Creation and Distribution

Creators Network is a private community for creators, filmmakers and audiences who want to deepen their connections, their engagement and their ability to find paid work that isn’t soul-crushing.

CGood TV is the premiere streaming service for multi-format entertainment that informs and inspires whether feature films, documentaries, short films or podcasts.  Audiences can connect to filmmakers and the community to discuss the stories behind the story.

CGood Cinema is our community screening platform (non-theatrical and virtual event) that brings conscious cinema to your community group – whatever the venue.

And coming soon:  Conscious Good Studios!  Join our mailing list for the latest Conscious Good News.

Our Values


We welcome new ideas and new ways of doing things and, in fact, close minded-ness is a non-starter. We recognize that all belief systems are valid. Curiosity is a goal, not a distraction.


We are who we say we are. We want to get to know more about ourselves and others. We don’t have time for superficiality.


We know that time is precious so we seek out and curate the best of the best media, creators, resources, opportunities, and experts.


We are committed to nurturing ourselves and our communities in equal measure.


Love not fear is our motivating force. We celebrate positive, helpful attitudes and optimistic spirits.